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El-Arroyo’s Alchemy WoW Guide

Erlenmeyer flasks … tubes … in them is a strange mixture of … something went wrong while trying to … smells like after the explosion. No, there is no reason to panic and fear that you in WoW can’t possibly happen … at least-it seems-to me? Well, anyway, if the chemistry is located or you lay on your heart then you will also like this and make the right choice of Alchemy for your new “baked” or veteran characters in Azeroth. For Alchemy you need a lot of herbs. These farming guides will show you the best places to farm materials. For those who are now the bride where data C, or H or you don’t like the Chemistry is not for you then why not try its predecessor, since you won’t need to write any formula with an infinitely long chains.

In Alchemy it is only necessary to have the ingredients and one big, such as planted pot have witches and then throw it all in there and mix it a bit, and possibly also to the new discovery can come back, if not then you get out, what a potion that will allow faster running for a couple of seconds. If you and your character interested in Alchemy or Alchemy, then read on. If you are new to World of Warcraft and you don’t know much about professions then I recommend that you read the first article, Working Day and Night: Professions where to put it on the face of the professions of Azeroth. If you have a question about the Alchemy can be shamelessly ask on the Forum and if you are interested in another Alchemy guide then keep reading.

Alchemy falls under the crafting profession from WoW already since his arrival. Alchemy that lets us make various potions, oils for long guns, elixirs, smoothies and even pots that give you a good buff-e. Alchemy does not require from you the physical strength or anything like that; you just require that you are at work and that you have gathered the necessary materials for the job. 5. level of your character, you can go to the nearest the belly for the bread alchemist, which will teach you some basic skills to give you a couple of recipes to start with. You will also hold the title of Apprentice and when you escalate with experience you will experience a new level of certain to gain the title. If it turns out that this is a job for you and if you are persistent with him you will be held the title of Grand Master. If, however, it turns out, and vice versa, if you will work and you will be in pain in the/nerd rage condition then you can press to welcome (the default) and you have to change the profession.

Titles, levels and experiences to advance

To carry out the Alchemy you’ll need five different vials, which can be obtained at the dealer that sell things to Taoist Alchemy, and finds him at the master Alchemist. Vials are used to produce the potions and Elixir and are as follows;

• Empty Vial

• Leaded Vial

• Crystal Vial

• Imbued Vial

• Enchanted Vial


In addition to the vials and strictly recommend to take another profession in addition to alchemy and this is Herbalism, because as I mentioned earlier, that they have to collect the necessary natural materials are the real herbs and Herbalism allows us to pick herbs or can collect and alchemy make them drink the elixir or potion! Using these wow farming guides Of course, there is no necessity to Herbalism as a profession but others take you dearly but if you hit the lottery, Rob eager gold seller or a bank in Stromwind/Orgrimmar. Cost you will be/because they are some of the herbs, honey, or rare and therefore you can get very expensive. If this is your first character, then it is almost necessary to have it, without taking herbalism you unfortunately won’t be able to level up Alchemy. At 50 + level experience you also get passive ability Mixology, which doubles the duration of effects from elixirs and potions. That is, if one has duration of 1 hour Mixology allows you a potion it takes 2h.

As an alchemist, at 315 you can specialize for Potions, Elixirs or Transmutations. You can opt for one of these three specializations. This specialization give you 15% chance when you make, for example, Great Mana Potion, you have the option to get 1-4 (maximum 5) potions for the “price” of one. Specialization can also be changed; it is possible to master what you taught a certain specialization and will cost you 150 g each time when you change. Any attempt of transmutation, of potions and elixirs you have a very small chance that you discover a new alchemy recipe – Discovery. If this happens to you then you will automatically learn this recipe and you’ll be able to find in your Alchemy window in your Spell book. When you discover your character will do the recipe animation and the message will be visible to all the nearby players.


More experienced also have the possibility of transmutation, Alchemists, or changing the elemental raw materials and other raw materials, metals some others by using other trades, for example: the Arcanite ore, which they use for some of the recipes, but I know it is not that you can get some cool rules therefore dig with the Arcane Crystal transmutanjem, which gets out of some other ore. Before you can begin you must first make a transmutation with the Philosopher’s Stone. The stone, you need to have with you in a bag, because without him it is not possible not to reverse transmutation after finishing the transmutation. Transmutation has also a cool down time on changing the items with the exception of Aracnite, for example: If you change or transmute Truesilver or Gold then you need to wait until after 8 pm real time before you can perform any other transmutation. Elemental extracts can also be transmuted. Essence of Undeath can be transmuted in on the Essence of Water, Essence of Water can be transmuted in the Essence of Air and so on. Essence transmutes have 8 cool down after real time.

Transmutation sample:

Alchemy is also a very profitable business, because the drinks, potions and elixirs sell very well because they are used primarily in the endgame and equipment are required for each raiding. For a lot of money selling also mount, even though the horse Sandstone Drake should be deducted.

El-Arroyo’s Mining WoW Guide

In the section I said in General about the professions, which you can learn in Azeroth and as I promised I will also each individually. Before I started with Blacksmithing and I also mention there, so I will continue Mining. Whether you are a man of stature and may be strung as is Chuck Norris? Have you worked in the mine? If you are, then this profession is an excellent choice for your character. If you’re interested in this profession, then read on. I should mention that if you have any question you can ask on the Forum without shame or write a comment.

elarroyo - mining

Mining falls under the Gathering professions in WoW as well as Blacksmithing from the very beginning. Mining means educate, mining, harvesting or mining is used for various raw materials such as: different ore, metal, and other elements of the Earth’s raw materials. With the advent of the Burning Crusade has been enabled on the mining, or mobs elements falling under items. But beware, for this profession is like I mentioned earlier, in particular, required physical strength, consistency and many times muscles says courage because you will have to resolve in the depths of the Azeroth when you get the raw materials and to defeat a dragon and other villains and thieves. 5. the stage is to the teacher’s Failure and so you will start as an apprentice and, if it turns out that this will work for you, you can become one of the, and you’re doing your miners of Azeroth.

mining chart

Then, and the teacher teaches you to get even one additional skill and Smelting. Smelting allows you to melt ore in the plates (Bar-e) is a Copper Ore-> (smelting) Copper Bar. All kinds of ore are scattered … all over the Azeroth, therefore, in addition to another smelting ability called Find Minerals there ability will show you all of the ore, which are located in your area, they will be displayed on your mini-map with a blip. 16×12 Resource If you use your mouse to click on the Resource 16×12 .PNG in your blip Mini folder will show you what type of ore. With a variety of minerals and raw materials were in diapers and keep your strength ‘levels up and, when you dig up and dug up a large amounts of minerals you will also get Passive ability Toughness, which increases your stamina depending on your level of experience in the mining, you’ve accumulated so far. For the first time with a 75 level experience gives you a + 3 stamina, the quantity stamina is increasing while keep on with titles. The chart, which shows the increase of stamina according to the level of experience can be found here.

Copper Vein Sample

copper vein smaller

Right now probably wondering what kind of tools do we need for mining and smelting? Do we dig what rods with your hands and just plain in the middle of town at smelt fire? Well let me tell you that, if you wanted to dig ore without the gadgets and melt, which at normal heat. Mining is required for Pick () or hack, because without it, it’s not. As a hack, but can also be used what kind of weapon for example: Digmaster 5000. When it comes to melting or is this only possible smelting in the presence of a blacksmith’s furnace or Forge. Blacksmith’s furnace you can find in all the towns in the vicinity of the teacher and Blacksmithing in some of the larger villages in Azeroth and Outlands. There are also specific for mining or backpacks bags in which to ore: Mining Sack. In addition to the various breakers and picks for mining are still here other ways how to increase your Mining skill and you are next

• Enchant Gloves-Advanced Mining adds + 5 that the mining skill.

• Enchant Gloves-Gatherer adds + 5, that all skills gathering (mining, herbalism and skinning).

• Goblin Mining Helmet adds + 5 that the mining skill.


By the time you are going to happen that you will discover a new ore, and you don’t have to dig them out, because you have “enough” experienced, to be dug up. More minerals when you dig the more experience you get and that you can be promoted and become strong enough to other mining ores. But if you constantly dig out of one and the same, and you will be under its name spotted a gray caption, then you will not gain experience with these types of mining ore. It is also a sign that you can start digging other ores that require a large number of experiences. Experience is also increasing with the melting of ore in the plates! I recommend you that you are in the mining consistent while level up her character. If you won’t be consistent you’ll need my clothes back in a low level zone and running around and looking for the ore, which is very boring.


Below you can see when you get experience when you dug ore. If it is below the ore Red means you can’t bathe.

Red: insufficient Skill.

Orange: 100% chance of increasing your skill level.

Yellow: 75% chance of increasing your skill level.

Green: 50% chance of increasing < skill level.

Gray: Never increases the skill level.

Mining is also a very lucrative, as the ores and bars sell for great prices, even if this is a rare ore. The mineral plate using mainly Jewelcrafters and Blacksmiths and are for some plates ready to spend quite a lot of money. If you are new to World of Warcraft and this is your first character, then I recommend that you take the gathering, namely Mining and Herbalism skills, because you will not have for their level up count gold and you will very quickly come up with a big profit and you’ll get rich over time as this Goblin below.